Authors: Cruse WP, Bellizzi R.
Title: A historic review of endodontics, 1689-1963, part 2.
Journal: J Endod
Date: Apr 1980
Citation: 6(4):532-5
Category: History of Endodontics
Evidence-based Ranking: 5
Purpose/Objectives: A review of the history of endodontics

Summary: G.O. Rogers – 1878; Pathogenic organisms might be the cause of diseases of the pulp Change from the theory of vitalism to the septic theory S. Tomes – 1879; Etiologic factor of pulp sequelae was a lack of vitality in the tooth. G.A. Mills – 1883; Pulpal extirpation by driving a hickory or orangewood stick into the root canal. Bowman – 1895; Chloropercha to obturate the canals. Richmond – 1884; Sterile root canal, sealed foramen (not beyond the apex), aseptic filled canal. W.D. Miller – 1888; Formulated bacteriological basis for endodontics, described alveolar abcess. Otto Walkoff – 1888; Thermometrie, thermal pulp testing C.T. Gramm – 1890; Gold plated copper points for root canal filling. W.D. Miller; Theory of anachoresis. Otto Walkoff – 1891; Chlorophenol to sterilize root canals John Wessler – 1894; Pupol (ZOE) Breuer; “electromedication” to sterilize root canals. William Roentgen – 1917; Discovery of X-rays. W.J. Morton – First dental X-ray. Kells; X-ray studies of root canals Gysi – 1899; Introduction of formocresol (Buckley introduced it in America) 1919 – Theory of focal infection. Einhorn – 1905; Introduction of Novocaine Meyer Rhein (and G.V. Black) – 1908; Technique for determining canal length.