Authors: Ingle J, Bakland L, Beveridge E, Glick D, Hoskinson A.
Title: Modern Endodontic Therapy, fifth edition.
Journal: Chapter 1, pp. 1-4
Date: Jan 2004
Citation: BC Decker Inc., 2002
Category: History of Endodontics
Evidence-based Ranking: 5
Discussion: The oldest known root canal filling was discovered in the skull of a Nabatean warrior who was buried in a mass grave 2,200 years ago. The ancient Chinese subscribed the toothworm theory of dental caries (1400 BC) and used amalgam to fill cavities in teeth (659 AD). In more recent times, Grossman noted the progress in Endodontics since the American Revolution. From treating pulps with red-hot wires to development of radiographs, anesthetics, and root canal medications. Today, new instruments and techniques for cleaning and shaping as well as filling root canals have been introduced. With publicÂ’s awareness and acceptance, number of Endodontic treatment is on the rise.

ReviewerÂ’s Comments: Good overview of Endodontics history