Authors: Rud J, Andreasen JO, Jensen JE.
Title: Radiographic criteria for the assessment of healing after endodontic surgery.
Journal: Int J Oral Surg
Date: Jan 1972
Citation: 1(4):195-214
Category: Endodontic Surgery
Evidence-based Ranking: 5
Purpose/Objectives: To describe radiographic criteria that will allow post endodontic surgery cases to be placed into one of four healing groups and to correlate that criteria with histological observation.

Materials & Methods: 120 cases of endodontic surgery were examined radiographically and histologically. (no mention of a time frame is given) Cases were placed into one of the following 4 groups Group 1 – Complete healing Re-formation of periodontal space (intact lamina dura) Bone cavity filled in with bone (can be of different radiopacity) Complete bone repair but no discernable PDL around the apex Group 2 – Incomplete healing (scar tissue) Rarefaction has decreased in size or stayed the same Rarefaction is asymmetrical around the apex Group 3 – Uncertain healing Rarefaction has decreased but is more that twice the width of normal PDL Rarefaction is symmetrical around the apex and is circular or semicircular If in this state for 4 years post-op case should be considered a failure Group 4 – Unsatisfactory healing (failures) Rarefaction is enlarged or unchanged

Results: Poor agreement between evaluators. Poor agreement between histological and radiographic criteria. Poor agreement between group category and clinical observation.

Author’s Conclusion: With reference to his stated purpose no conclusion is made.

Validity of Conclusion: This lack of conclusion is valid.

Reviewer’s Comments: Very poor description of materials and methodology. Lack of statistical analysis.