Authors: Spasser H.
Title: A simple bleaching technique using sodium perborate.
Journal: NYS Dent J
Date: Aug 1961
Citation: 27(8-9):332-334
Category: Bleaching/Tooth Whitening
Evidence-based Ranking: 5
Purpose/Objectives: A review of the internal bleaching method using sodium perborate.

Review: 1. Removal of all coronal decay and restorations, removal of obturation material to 2mm below the cervical line. 2. “Freshening” of the dentin walls with chloroform or alcohol 3. Pulp chamber filled with a thick creamy mix of sodium perborate and water. 4. Tooth is temporized. 5. Change bleach every four days three or four times then restore tooth.

Reviewer’s Comments: Amazing how similar the process still is.