Authors: Naidorf IJ.
Title: Endodontic flare-ups: bacteriological and immunological mechanisms.
Journal: J Endod
Date: Nov 1985
Citation: 11(11):462-4
Category: Endodontic Emergencies
Evidence-based Ranking: 5
Purpose/Objectives: A transcription of the last lecture given by Dr. Naidorf.

Summary: ? Opening the root canal can introduce O2 into the environment ? Facultative bacteria can begin aerobic respiration and multiply rapidly ? Antigen-antibody complexes initiate complement cascade ? Histamine, PG’s, and Bradykinin are all released ? When together these factors are much more potent than when alone ? The process is self-perpetuating o We can interfere with analgesics and PG inhibitors but the process must run its course.

Reviewer’s Comments: A great lecture that reminds us that there are a lot of biological processes going on.