Authors: Dionne RA.
Title: New approaches to preventing and treating postoperative pain.
Journal: J Am Dent Assoc
Date: Jun 1992
Citation: 123(6):26-34
Category: Endodontic Emergencies
Evidence-based Ranking: 5
Purpose/Objectives: A summary of currently recommended analgesic guidelines

Summary: The oral surgery model of drug testing allows for a greater increase in controlling variables then previously used models.

Key Points • Pre-operative administration of an NSAID reduces post operative pain significantly • Use of longer lasting local anesthetics (etidocaine, bupivicaine) results in less pain • Using these together results in less pain than if used alone • Codeine is relatively in-effective until a dose of 60mg is used at which point side affects increase • The most effective regimen is 800mg ibuprofen pre-operatively followed with by-the-clock dosing • If unable to use NSAIDS or in cases of sever pain consider using the maximum dose of oxycodone (10mg)