Authors: Frankl SN.
Title: Pulp therapy in pedodontics.
Journal: Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol
Date: Aug 1972
Citation: 34(2):293-309
Category: Pediatric Endodontics
Evidence-based Ranking: 5
Purpose/Objectives: To review the present methods of maintaining the integrity of the primary dentition.

Discussion: Indirect Pulp Capping - defined, use of ZOE and CaOH, recommended part of the armamentarium of pulp therapy for dentists who treat children. Direct Pulp Capping - defined, CaOH, option for treatment of mechanical exposures or small carious exposures. Pulpotomy - defined, CaOH, Vancomycin hydrochloride w/CaOH, formocresol and cresatin discussed. FC treatment of choice with pulpotomy. Pulpectomy - defined, not an integral part of practice for deciduous teeth (the morphology of the RC of 1o teeth is not suitable for proper biomechanical c/s). Filling material must be resorbalbe to prevent damage to developing permanent teeth. Paste fills. The morphology of deciduous teeth - # of canals varies from 2 - 5; most variation occurs in mesial roots with branching and lat’l canal normal; the db and palatal canals are frequently fused; in general the canals are thin, branching and highly tortuous Some deciduous teeth will require RCT - strategic importance of the teeth, amount of tooth structure, restorability and periodontal condition must be considered. The need to maintain the arch length and occlusal function, absence of a succedaneous tooth, poor prognosis for pulpotomy and extraction of the 1o tooth before ½ the permanent root has formed are all reasons to do treatment on 1o teeth.

Reviewer’s Comments: A good review of endodontic treatment options for primary teeth.