Authors: Goerig AC, Camp JH.
Title: Root canal treatment in primary teeth: a review.
Journal: Pediatr Dent
Date: Mar 1983
Citation: 5(1):33-7
Category: Pediatric Endodontics
Evidence-based Ranking: 5
Summary: Reasons to retain primary teeth - Space maintenance, mastication, preserve teeth in absence of secondary teeth, prevent aberrant tongue habits, prevent possible speech problems, maintain esthetics, prevent psychological effects, and maintain normal eruption times.

Contraindications for formocresol pulpotomy - Teeth with spontaneous pain, pain on percussion, suppuration, parulis or sinus tract, hemorrhage which can’t be controlled in 5 min., evidence of periapical or furcal pathology, necrotic pulp.

Contraindications for primary tooth RCT - Nonrestorable tooth, mechanical or carious perforation, pathologic root resorption involving more than 1/3 of the root, pathologic bone loss resulting in loss of normal PDL, dentigerous or follicular cyst, internal root resorption. Anatomy - Anterior morphology is very simple while posterior can have high degrees of variation. As the primary teeth undergo root resorption and secondary dentin deposition variations increase. RCT - Always keep in mind that the dentin is much thinner in primary teeth. For this reason instruments should be pre-curved and rotary systems should not be used. - Because of variations copious amounts of irrigation should be used. - Filling material of choice is ZOE. - Apical extrusion of any material should be avoided.

Reviewer’s Comments: Excellent review.