Authors: Goldman M, Pearson AH, Darzenta N.
Title: Endodontic success--who's reading the radiograph?
Journal: Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol
Date: Mar 1972
Citation: 33(3):432-7
Category: Radiology and Imaging
Evidence-based Ranking: 5
Purpose/ Objectives: To investigate the reliability of radiographic diagnosis

Methods and Materials: 253 cases selected at random. Six different evaluators looked at final and 6-month recall films and judged the treatment to be successful, failing, or questionable based on the absence, presence, and change in the periradicular area, and the preoperative pulpal diagnosis.

Results: 253 cases: 159 teeth were pulpless, and 94 were vital. The examiners agreed on less than half cases. (47%) When asked just to judge if there was a periapical lesion present, they still disagreed over half of the time. Even when asked for only 5 of 6 to agree, only 67% of the cases were in agreement. Overall, maxillary molars had the greatest percentage of disagreement, although all teeth had great percentages.

AuthorÂ’s Conclusion: No clear conclusions, except future studies should take these findings into account.

ReviewerÂ’s Comments: The results show radiographic interpretation can be very subjective.