Authors: Maddox DL, Walton RE, Davis CO.
Title: Incidence of postreatment endodontic pain related to medicaments and other factors.
Journal: J Endodon
Date: Dec 1977
Citation: 3(12): 447-52
Category: Irrigants and Medicaments
Evidence-based Ranking: 4
Purpose/Objectives: To investigate the incidence of pain associated with the use of various intracanal medicaments that are advocated and commonly used during root canal treatment, the influence of the treatment performed on the incidence of pain and the effect of patient factors, such as age and sex, on incidence of pain. Materials & Methods: This was an in vivo study, consisting of a random group of patients undergoing endodontic treatment in the endodontic department and the University of Georgia. The medicaments being used in the study were formocresol, CMCP (35% parachlorophenol and 65% camphor), eugenol, Cresatin and IKI (iodine-potassium iodide). Dry sterile cotton pellets were used as a comparison to the medicaments. Pre-operative degree of pain was determined, one of the medicaments or a dry cotton pellet was placed in the canals following treatment and then a postcard with 2-day follow-up self-assessment was sent home with the patient to report their postoperative pain-level. The differences in pain and sex, age and obturation were also compiled. Results: The results showed that there was no difference in the frequency or levels of postreatment pain amongst the five medicaments and the dry, sterile cotton pellet and between age and sex of the patient undergoing treatment. The results did show that patients that had teeth obturated had considerably fewer instances of postoperative pain than those who did not have teeth obturated. AuthorÂ’s Conclusion: 1) There was no significant difference in frequency of postoperative pain by intercomparisons of the various medications and a dry cotton pellet; 2) there were no significant differences in frequency of postoperative pain between the patient factors of sex and age; 3) the only significant difference found in this study was a decrease in the frequency of postoperative pain after obturation.

Validity of Conclusion: Conclusions are valid based on the parameters of this study. ReviewerÂ’s Comments: This paper indicates that intracanal medicaments do not help with postoperative, interappointment pain and supports 1-visit endodontics in terms of reducing the incidence of postop pain.