Authors: Johnson WB.
Title: A new gutta-percha technique.
Journal: J Endod
Date: Jun 1978
Citation: 4(6):184-8
Category: Obturation
Evidence-based Ranking: 5
Purpose/Objective: This paper describes a 3-dimensional obturation technique that eliminates the fitting of a master cone resulting in obturation without requiring a high degree of skill.

Discussion: The canals should be instrumented that results in a flaring preparation from the apex to the orifice. If the canal is to receive a post, the last file used to instrument the apex is notched as with a silver cone split-cone technique. The flutes on the coronal portion are then removed and the instrument is coated with gutta-percha by warming the gutta-percha in a flame and molding it on the file with the fingers. After placement of sealer, the file is inserted into the root canal and is seated with a firm apical pressure to the working distance. While apical pressure is maintained, the file is twisted until it breaks. The gutta percha is vertically condensed with 6 or 7 thrusts of a plugger. If no post is needed, the file is notched so it will break at a point that will leave 2-3mm of the file extending to the pulp chamber. This technique uses the file as the carrier for gutta-percha and sealer.

ReviewerÂ’s comments: This article shows how the carrier-based obturation was developed.